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Many of the visitors to EveryDLL.com probably don’t even know what a DLL is let alone the potential risks in not having the right ones installed.

This FAQ page has been put together to help answer those common questions that pop up that you may be too scared to ask.

Here are the most common questions and answers covering DLL’s:

What is DLL?

A DLL is a file that can live almost anywhere on your PC and contains code that is used by one or more programs.

The original purpose of the DLL was to save on space used by applications on your hard drive by allowing multiple programs to share common pieces of code.

Over the years they have also been used as an easy way to keep certain sections of a program up to date that is provided by third parties.

How do I fix missing DLL errors?

That’s the main purpose of this site EveryDLL.com, we collect up all the DLL files we find then show you how to slot them onto your computer and fix these errors.

Simply browse or search this site for the DLL file you need then follow the instructions that include downloading and placing the file in the correct location.

What do I open a DLL file with?

Typically you will not be needing to open a DLL file yourself unless you are a programmer and are building an application around it.

The programs you install such as desktop publishing, messaging and games will access these files themselves without you needing to edit or view anything.

Simply copy the DLL file to the location that it is needed and leave it there for your application to access.

How do you create a DLL?

You probably won’t need to ever create a DLL file yourself, simply look for the one you need on this site and download the most recent version (unless you require a specific version that isn’t new).